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Ventrilo Server Upgraded...
01-11-11 04:30
by Sshado
Last post by Mcjingles
Today 09:59
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Welcome to World Dominance Gaming

Welcome to the World Dominance Gaming website. Here you will find our non-existent forums and general information related to our non-existent game servers and non-existent Ventrilo.

If this is your first time here, you might be interested in the history of our clan, and why the heck would anyone keep this up?

If you are here to appeal a ban on one of our game servers, I should inform you that this clan shut down around 9 years ago, in early 2012!

Recruitment Center - Start here if you are interested in joining the clan, I should warn though, the link is dead and recruitment is probably closed permanently!

Game Servers - Look here if you need information on our Game Servers, albeit they shut down 9 years ago, and I am pretty sure that link is dead...

Original January 13th, 2011 Front Page that this is based on. - If you're curious what the front page of the website looked like back on that date, click that link!

Want to chat with us? Go to Discord to add Suika/Zero/Mitch on discord! Oh yeah, his tag is Mitch#9786.

World Dominance Tentative History & Highlights

I suppose I should mention as a pre-cursor, that I'm writing this as someone who heard a lot, but never directly partaked, but I did reach out to a few people to clarify the order of events and such.

A small, non-thorough history of the clan:

If I recall correctly, the clan was formed in 2008-2009, and the first owners were Tom and xZero. It primarily had CS:S servers, with it's most popular being Jailbreak. It had other servers, of course, such as Zombie Escape, and etc.

In 2009-2011, the clan expanded to a lot of different games. It has gmod servers, with Basewars, Murder, TTT, Morbus, which was created by Remscar, our in-house developer. It was pretty cool tbh. It explored into other games as well. A League of Legends Division. Heroes of Newerth.

At some point, Sshado, or Alex, became an elite (wDe rank) of wD, and other notable wDe ranks/promotions were Subbz, Tom, Xzero, Iketsu. Albeit, listing those was kinda listing out of order. Oopsy.

During 2011 or 2012.... I forgot which to be honest, wD merged with iG, which brought two large communities into one. Tons of new admins, tons of new staff, tons of new players. This brought in our new admin manager: Iketsu.

Things were turbulent as usual, as any video game community had it's drama. I mean, I could write paragraphs about the drama that happened. Literally paragraph upon paragraph about some random drama. But, if you're reading this and were part of wD back then, you know what I'm talking about.

After awhile, Sshado decided to resign, and wDe. Iketsu became the new clan elite.

After that, was the Batman fiasco. Oh man, that was fun times. An old technical advisor left wD and formed a clan to grief wD, and that caused some major drama for the clan. Hell, I wasn't even part of the drama and I still remember the shitstorm that caused. Heh, good times.

Directly after the griefing group's formation, the wD servers started to be DDoS'd almost every day. Sucked a lot, because the servers pretty much were always down, which killed a lot of the server's population. Feels bad...

Towards the end, the server had a billing dispute, as someone named "Machete Panda", a Technical advisor at the time, paid for the colocation of the server box, with wDe. Iketsu paying him back every month for the service.

Unfortunately, the DDoS resulted in a very large bill for the host, because rather than nullroute the server, or just cap the bandwidth, the host instead just let the DDoS go through and charged wD an extra $700 on top of that. Machete covered it, and Iketsu was paying him back for that, but he seemed to think that was not enough, and made a big deal over it publically.

He then approached Sshado, a person who no longer was of rank wDe, and threatened legal action. Sshado, afraid of legal action, as he was neither rich nor tech-savvy, agreed to give the wdgaming.org domain to Machete Panda for $1. Sshado was also lied to, and told that Iketsu was planning to leave him with the bill by Machete.

and finally, this leaves us with the end of wD as we know it.

Machete Panda stole the clan.

He claimed himself as wDe. Machete Panda, and just began pretending that all the other elites stepped down, and made him the owner. He proceeded to take control of everything at this point, since with both the server box under his control, as well as the domain, he truly had fully control of everything. This was mid 2012, and from mid 2012 to 2016, wD was owned by Machete Panda and Goshawk126. These two purposely banned anyone from the old clan to prevent talks about the clan being stolen, and just continued to run wD as their own. All old members were kicked out, and that was the end of the clan. A sad tale for anyone who used to be a wD member back then.

So what has happened since then? Did the clan that was stolen die? Well... Not exactly. Unfortunately for us, Machete Panda, unlike literally everyone else in the clan, at the time of stealing the server box, was in his mid 30's.

Yes, a 36 year old man stole a clan from a bunch of highschoolers.... Jesus christ thats pathetic. This is relevant though, because he can just simply run the clan at a loss, since he has a real job and can use his disposable income to run the clan. So, he did. The clan ran for 4 years, and never regained the popularity it had before it was stolen. It existed. The TTT server was here and there, but the CS:S servers completely exploded with the introduction of CS:GO. So, gmod was their sole thing, and it was not the most popular.

Now, why did the new clan die? Well, it just never was as popular as it was before, and many people attacked the new wD clan. DDoS, hacking, etc. Slowly but surely, the servers died, and the new/stolen clan was essentially defunct mid 2015.

There is a lot to talk about, small events, drama, and such, but I cannot remember it all! If you remember an event and want me to add it to this, just message me on discord, Mitch#9786. Otherwise, thanks for reading the history of a dumb clan by a bunch of kids in 2008-2012!
World Dominance meets Suika and the Osu Division
Jan 11, 2011 - 7:16 AM - by Suika Ibuki
We now have our own Osu! division server which is ran by me, Suika. The best Osu! player in the world. Check it out!

Edit: Please don't waste my time by PMing me... [Read More]
22 Replies | 224 Views
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